Oldest House Survives Irma

Published September 26, 2017

Dear Members, Donors, Patrons and Docents –

We wanted to reach out to and let you know that the Oldest House and Gardens survived Hurricane Irma. Like the rest of Key West we have some clean up and repairs to do but thankfully came through intact. It should be noted, that with your help, we’ve invested about $137,000 in the Old House during the last year including a new roof and foundation work. Perhaps these improvements helped the Old House withstand the storm. With so many big trees down throughout the historic district we are especially thankful that our lovely garden trees stood firm. If you have a home or people here in the Keys we hope you and they fared well too.

Our good news is tempered by the knowledge that so many of us know others whose properties weren’t as fortunate. We all know people who need housing and other assistance. As we in Key West are One Human Family we encourage you to support organizations who are on the front lines helping islanders get back on their feet. We hope Old Island Restoration Foundation (OIRF) can do its share to help Key West rebuild and come back. Our mission to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of Key West is needed now more than ever.

In order for OIRF to meet its mission, maintain the museum and its grounds, provide grants to homeowners to make historically appropriate repairs, and provide scholarships via Take Stock in Children we need to raise money from the programs we put on throughout the year.

You can help by making sure your membership is up to date and encouraging friends to join or if already a member making an additional donation. Another way to help is by participating in OIRF programs. Upcoming events include the October 28 Fantasy Fest Parade Viewing Party (tickets available for purchase here) and Home Tours on December 27-28, January 12-13, February 16-17, and March 16-17. As you know, the Home Tours are our biggest funding raising events of the year and thus critically important to fulfilling our mission. We still need more homes so contact us if you or someone you know can help by opening up their home.
To keep in touch with what we’re doing “Like” @Oldest House & Gardens Key West on Facebook. Please ask your friends to do the same. We will post some current pictures of the House and Gardens there so you can see what happened.

Thank you for your generous help throughout the year as you help us attain our ambitious goals.

Kelly Friend, President OIRF